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Cognitive Leap's Advisor and Cofounder, Dr. Walter Greenleaf, to Present at Brains in Space Workshop

Updated: May 19

May 17, 2024

Cognitive Leap is proud to announce that our esteemed advisor and cofounder, Dr. Walter Greenleaf from Stanford University, presented at the Brains in Space workshop. This highly anticipated event aims to illuminate the potential needs and technologies for maintaining brain health during spaceflight missions.

Dr. Greenleaf presented on "Indirect" Approaches to brain assessment during the Brain Assessment session at 10:15 a.m. Central Time on May 16th, 2024. His presentation explores innovative methods and technologies that offer indirect but effective ways to monitor and support brain health in the challenging environment of space.

The Brains in Space workshop features speakers from NASA operations and research settings, complemented by leading biomedical researchers focusing on cutting-edge brain assessment and stimulation technologies. The event provides an invaluable platform for sharing insights and developing a comprehensive document summarizing the current state-of-the-art for brain assessment and stimulation relevant to NASA's needs.

Dr. Greenleaf's participation underscores Cognitive Leap's commitment to pioneering advancements in brain health technologies. We are excited to see the impact of his contributions and the collaborative efforts that will emerge from this workshop.

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