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Core Technologies


Cognitive and Behavioral Assessment Tools in High-Resolution Virtual Space

LeapDXR™ is our mental health assessment technology that systematically leverages cognitive and behavioral activity responses in high resolution virtual testing contexts. Our algorithms capture and analyze important diagnostic data from ecologically relevant, immersive VR environments that keep patients deeply engaged in the assessment process. 


See our products that use LeapDXR™


Real-time Treatment Tracking and Feedback in a Closed-Loop System

TheraLeap is our core technology for Prescription Digital Therapeutics with real-time treatment data analysis, report generation, progress tracking and treatment customization. Patient profiles can be privately accessed across devices, and can be used to support secure tracking of intervention status across multiple mental health conditions.


See our products that use TheraLeap™



A Powerful System for Scaling Patient and Enterprise Management

LeapPlatform gives any organization the power of flexible operation management in a single turnkey system:

  • Real-time data synchronization between an organization’s different department level employees, treatment administrators, clinicians and patients

  • Large-scale patient management without manual administrative and data entry processes

  • Role-based access and permission control of our treatment product content modules (i.e., assessments, training, education)

  • Clinician education and training platform with our APA-certified program in digital treatments administration (CE credits)

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