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Cognitive Leap Solutions and California Play Therapy Association Collaboration

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Association for Play Therapy California

IRVINE CA, June 5, 2023 -- Following the declaration of California’s new Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, Cognitive Leap is proud to announce its new partnership with one of the foremost networks for children’s mental health professionals, the California Association for Play Therapy (CalAPT). As the National Association for Play Therapy’s largest branch, CalAPT advocates for advancing play therapy and other evidence-based interventions for children and teens. “Sadly, the national mental health crisis has had an especially severe impact on kids,” states Jack Z. Chen, Founder and CEO of Cognitive Leap. “With our partnership with CalAPT, we can address this issue head-on.”

In the coming months, Cognitive Leap will join CalAPT to co-sponsor a series of workshops to help practicing therapists grow their knowledge of specialized techniques for treating children. Thanks to its renewed APA approval, Cognitive Leap will be able to provide participants with valuable CE credits to help them further their careers and better serve their clients.

“As we navigate the current mental health crisis, we will continue working alongside mental health providers to further our mission of ensuring that every child has the support they need to thrive,” said CalAPT President, Stacy Kahn “With organizations like Cognitive Leap providing necessary training, we will achieve this goal.”

Cognitive Leap is headquartered in Irvine CA and provides digital mental health solutions that are accessible and affordable to address behavioral conditions in children due to attention deficit and/or hyperactivity. The company offers efficient, objective and fun assessment tools using virtual reality, as well as engaging intervention programs that bring children, families and clinicians together to support lasting functional improvements. Founded in 2015 by Jack Z. Chen, Cognitive Leap has operating subsidiaries in China and Central America with R&D Centers in Boston, MA, Palo Alto, CA, Pasadena, CA, Newport Beach, CA, and Dallas, TX.

Media Contact: Shari L Marion -

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