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Attention Tracker

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ADHD Screening. Diagnostic Support. Continuous Evaluation.



The Virtual Reality Attention Tracker (VRAT™) is the first medical-based immersive VR-based digital assessment tool that combines cognitive and biometric data evaluation to improve the assessment of children and adolescents suspected of having ADHD.Powered by LeapDXR™, the VRAT AI Engine is a fully integrated analytic system that delivers automated, multi-dimensional analysis of all attention and motion activity observed within a VR Classroom testing environment. With a uniquely data-oriented approach, it captures and quantifies real-time performance patterns to produce a comprehensive evaluation report on attention performance metrics that would otherwise be undetectable with traditional methods.

The application for VRAT™ has been submitted to the FDA for approval and is pending approval.


The VRAT™ uses HTC VIVE virtual reality technology.


Ecologically valid and controlled environment

Our unique VR testing is delivered in a highly controlled and relevant environment (a Virtual Classroom) and captures behaviors similar to what would occur in a real-world context. It is intended to be useful in the diagnosis of ADHD as well as other mental health conditions that involve cognition. Such highly controlled and reality-reflective virtual environments empower increased data accuracy, consistency, reliability and predictive value.

Enhance Your Assessments of Attention Deficits in Children.



The Virtual Classroom Attention Tracker (vCAT™) provides a systematic and objective assessment of children ages 6 to 13 within an ecologically relevant setting. vCAT™ helps establish a client's baseline to support later measurement of performance change.

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Our Commercial Attention Tracker is now available on the Oculus and PICO headsets.

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