• Millions of children are struggling with their

    Attention and Emotion

  • We provide digital solutions for mental health.

    Discover strengths and elevate your life.

    VR Attention Tracker, VRAT

    Immersive VR experience for the best Attentional Assessment your child can receive

    Attention Coaching System

    We are the world’s first online ADHD intervention system

    Data driven clinical prediction for

    8 to 24 week program with personalized therapy

    AI Engine

    Leveraging mass data to deliver clinical insights in child and adolescent cognition and behavior

  • Meet Our Core Team

    Jack Z. Chen, MBA

    Founder and CEO

    Shan Zhong, MBA


    Albert 'Skip' Rizzo, PhD

    Director of Research

    Charles Shao

    Director of Engineering

    Jennifer Wang

    Director of Operations

    Aaron Ma

    Director of Data Science

    Vicky Dai, MBA

    Director of Accounting

    Vanessa Liu, MBA,

    PhD Candidate


    Chien-Yen “Kevin” Chang

    Senior Software Engineer

    Michael Ehrig

    Clinical Application Specialist

    Jatnna Rivas

    Clinical Research Associate

    Crystal Goh, PhD

    Scientific Consultant

    Venus Wong Ph.D​

    Clinical Associate

    John L Edwards​

    Technical Support

  • Working with key leaders in the field

    Edward Hallowell, MD

    Clinical Advisor


    World Leading Expert in ADHD

    NYTimes Bestselling Author

    Jeremy Bailenson, PhD

    Senior Technical Advisor


    Director, Stanford University

    Virtual Human Interaction Lab

    Walter Greenleaf, PhD

    Founding Board Member


    Stanford University

    Virtual Human Interaction Lab

    Trudy Goodman, PhD

    Mindfulness Advisor


    Developmental Psychologist

    World Renowned Mindfulness Teacher

    Cynthia Telles

    Clinical Advisor


    Board Member, Kaiser Permanente Foundation Hospitals

    Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine, Dept of Psychiatry

    Shijin Sun, PhD

    Educational Advisor


    Professor of Psychology, Fudan University

    Michael Gisser, JD

    Legal Advisor


    Sr. M&A Partner, Skadden LLP

    World expert in China-US Cross Border Investments

    Richard Walden

    Nonprofit Advisor


    President & CEO,

    Operation USA

    Andy Lam​

    Founding Board Member


    Co-founder & Partner, Uprising

    Jennifer Gu, PhD

    Research Advisor


    VP of R&D

    AIDP, Inc.

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