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Roberto Rodriguez, Ph.D.

EVP, South and Central America

Dr. Rodriguez combine 30 plus years in academia with disruptive thinking to advice k-12 schools, multinational companies, private banks and world economic organizations to achieve digital transformation, educational equity and high-quality curricula and mental wellness.


Dr. Rodriguez won the Life-Time Achievement Award by Costa Rican Board of Psychologists. He has been a member of the National Association of School Psychology (NASP) and the Board of Professional Psychologists of Costa Rica. He was appointed as member of the COVID19 Task Force of the Secretariat of Education, in Costa Rica (May 2020).


Dr. Rodríguez was a consultant for World Bank, serving the Family and Child Protection Agency of the Costa Rican Government, to develop a parenting program based on digital tools and social media, and worked as a consultant United Nations Development Program, UNDP, serving the President of Costa Rica’s Office on public track opinion and surveying, and Modernization of the Equity and Social Programs of the Secretariat of Public Education. San José, Costa Rica.


Dr. Rodríguez has a Ph.D. from the Dept. of Educational Psychology and Research of the School of Education of the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. He also has a M.Sc. in Education and a B.A. majoring in Psychology from the same University.

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