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Cognitive Leap Announces Groundbreaking Study on the Use of Virtual Reality in Assessing Attention Processes of Cognitive and Psychomotor Development in Children

March 21, 2024 – Cognitive Leap is proud to announce the publication of a groundbreaking

study titled "Normative Performance Data on Visual Attention in Neurotypical Children:

Virtual Reality Assessment of Cognitive and Psychomotor Development" in the prestigious

Frontiers in Virtual Reality journal. This innovative research sheds light on the potential of

virtual reality (VR) technology in evaluating attention processes and cognitive development

in children.

The study presents the results of the Virtual Reality Attention Test (VRAT) in assessing

cognitive attention and psychomotor development in children across various metrics. .

Notably, the research highlights age progression and sex differences in key variables,

offering valuable insights for understanding cognitive and psychomotor development in


Furthermore, this research underscores the potential of VR technology, as utilized in

Cognitive Leap's products, in providing a safe and ecologically valid environment for testing

attention processes. VR's ability to mimic real-life challenges and capture users' behavioral responses offers a more systematic and objective approach to clinical assessment and

intervention. This study marks a significant step forward in understanding and utilizing VR

technology for healthcare applications, including the advancement of research on multiple


Frontiers in Virtual Reality, the journal in which the study is published, is an open-access,

peer-reviewed academic journal known for its interdisciplinary approach to virtual reality

research. In 2023, articles from Frontiers were viewed and downloaded over 687 million

times worldwide, with a total of 7.2 million citations, highlighting the journal's significant

impact on the academic and professional community.

Cognitive Leap is committed to continuing its research and development efforts in VR

technology to revolutionize diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for children with

attention-related disorders and to contribute to the advancement of research on multiple


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