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Walter Greenleaf, Ph.D.

Advisor, Co-Founder

Walter Greenleaf is a Co-Founder at Cognitive Leap. With over three decades of research and development experience, Walter is considered a leading authority in the field of digital medicine and medical virtual reality technology. Walter has designed and developed clinical systems over the last thirty-five years for use in both physical and cognitive medicine, specifically focusing on the use of virtual reality technology.


Walter is the Co-founder and Board Chair for the International Virtual Reality Health Association (IVRHA). He is a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Stanford’s mediaX, Director of the National Mental Health Innovation Center at the University of Colorado, and co-founder and board chair of the Virtual Reality-Immersive Technology Clinic at Stanford Healthcare. Walter has founded several successful medical product companies and maintains dual roles in academics and business – lecturing, conducting research and publishing, while concurrently developing and bringing medical products to market.


Walter served as CEO and founder of InWorld Solutions, a company specializing in the therapeutic use of virtual worlds for behavioral healthcare, as well as Virtually Better, a company that develops virtual environments for the treatment of phobias, anxiety disorders and PTSD. Walter has a Ph.D in Neuro and Bio-Behavioral Sciences from the Stanford University School of Medicine, where he was awarded a National Institute of Mental Health Graduate Fellowship.

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