• VR changes the way doctors learn, patients fight pain and therapists rehabilitate the injured



    The Future of Focus

    By Devon Frye, published March 5, 2019

    Video games and VR tools to diagnose and treat ADHD are coming onto the market. Are we ready for digital medicine that aims to harness attention?...

    Destigmatizing Mental Health in China, Slowly But Surely

    By Yan Mei, Jul 31, 2017

    The Chinese government is making efforts to recognize mental illness as a public health issue, but progress has been slow....

    Cognitive Leap Eyes VR to Break Stigma of Mental Illness in China

    By S.C. Stuart, February 6, 2017 12:12PM EST

    There's a huge stigma surrounding mental illness in China. Cognitive Leap wants to change that using VR....

    In China, Mental Health Care Goes Virtual​

    By Christopher Magoon on

    Why are VR companies launching their mental health care programs in the nation?...