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New Irvine attention assessment center welcomes families with discounted rates through June 2023

New Irvine, CA attention assessment center welcomes families with discounted rates through June 2023

As children and teens increasingly struggle with their mental, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) remains a leading cause of academic and behavioral problems. With its new location in Irvine, California firm Cognitive Leap is helping parents check for focus and concentration issues. Known for its innovative digital mental health solutions, Cognitive Leap opened the new Irvine vCAT™ Assessment Center to bring its flagship Virtual Classroom Attention Tracker (vCAT™) to the public.

In celebration of its grand opening, Irvine vCAT™ Assessment Center is offering assessment appointments at a special discounted rate of $49 through July 15, 2023, a savings of over 60 percent. Clients who take advantage of this limited-time offer can pass on the savings by referring a friend.

vCAT™ is a first-of-its-kind virtual reality attention screening set in a simulated classroom environment. Developed alongside the top minds in VR and psychology, vCAT™ uses a specialized method of Continuous Performance Testing while recording head and body movements to track attentiveness and distractibility. After the assessment, each subject’s report provides a comprehensive breakdown of their results along with a personalized recommendations plan to improve focus and boost academic achievement.

“Although attention issues are such a common source of educational and social struggles, they are often overlooked or misdiagnosed,” said Lauren Stockly, Cognitive Leap’s Clinical Director. “The insights we get from VCAT are so valuable because they help us understand the child’s specific needs and allow parents to communicate those needs to teachers, coaches, therapists and their support network.”

With screenings administered by trained technicians in under 15 minutes, the vCAT™ is designed to be quick and convenient for parents as well as a fun experience for kids. For many families, the Irvine vCAT™ Assessment Center is a welcome alternative to the time and expense of traditional evaluations.

According to Jack Chen, Founder and CEO of Cognitive Leap, the new center is part of his company’s commitment to helping children with attention challenges reach their full potential. “So many brilliant people are held back by unrecognized disorders like ADHD. A vCAT™ assessment followed by the right intervention could change the trajectory of someone’s life.”

Cognitive Leap is encouraging families to take advantage of this special offer before it expires on July 15 by booking an appointment at their scheduling page, found here.

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