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Crystal Goh, Ph.D.

Director of Research and Development

Crystal is a neuroscientist who serves as our Director of Research and Development. She has been with Cognitive Leap since 2017 and leads the company’s product R&D, as well as coordinating partnerships and clinical applications of Cognitive Leap’s products across the globe.

Crystal specializes in areas of Attention, Working Memory, Sleep, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, and AI applications of MRI and EEG. After completing her PhD at the  prestigious University College London Neuroscience program, she began her fellowship at Berkeley’s Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab. During her time in the Bay Area, she co-founded Araya Brain Imaging with Ryota Kanai, one of the world’s leading neuroscience experts in AI consciousness research. She continued to serve as a post-doctoral fellow in UCL’s Applied Cognitive Neuroscience Lab before joining Cognitive Leap. 

Aside from her neuroscience degrees, Crystal also holds an MA in Counseling, specializing in trauma-sensitive psychotherapy, and is a professional Mindfulness teacher-trainer with an international student-base. Crystal is an expert in combining a wide spectrum of knowledge-base to address mental health issues in different communities.

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