• Shaping the next generation

    Cognitive Leap addresses children's mental health challenges using evidence-based and scalable technologies with a personalized touch. We are pioneering the use of Virtual Reality for mental health at scale, leveraging big data for delivering new insights in precision health-care for pediatric mental health, and proud to work with some of the best minds in the industry.

    A fresh approach

    We combine strength-based & holistic approaches with cutting edge technology and data-driven science to produce the market's leading solutions in the most pressing areas, such as attention, learning and emotion management. We empower children by helping them regain their strength, inside and outside.

    Available, Accessible, Affordable

    We are committed to delivering effective solutions that have never been seen, making them accessible to everyone through technology and significantly reducing cost and wait-times for patients.

    Changing the narrative

    Each child is unique, and there is no one size fits all solution to the ever-growing challenges that children face with their mental health today. We are dedicated to destigmatizing and alleviating children's mental health across global markets using our proprietary technology.

  • Milestones


    Pioneer VR

    for mental health


    AI for

    precision healthcare


    VR product enters Pivotal FDA Process


    Personalized Online Intervention Platform